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We empower women and children through community programs
to elevate health and livelihood in India & the US.
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Our Focus Building resilient communities and cultivating dignity


Empowering women has the power to not only change the economic circumstances of individual families, but entire villages.

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Educating and providing children with the building blocks to future advancement allows families to transcend their circumstances.

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Alleviating health issues that prevent women from working and children from attending school enables the community to thrive and focus their attention elsewhere.

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Providing vocational training and the ability to increase household income leads to immediate quality of life improvements.

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Our Pledge

Every dollar raised goes directly to programs that change lives.

Our staff and infrastructure is supported by the founding endowment from the Desai Family and its board members.

Now, as a public foundation, your support helps expand our life-changing programs in
India and the U.S.

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Hope, Opportunity, Perseverance & Empowerment

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Health Camp for
500 Children

Working with the existing strengths of each community, we provide the tools needed to create stronger, healthier, and more economically independent households.

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The Desai Foundation

Friday October 23rd

Desai Foundation

In addition to our Masks of HOPE program, through which we train women in rural India to sew 2-ply masks from their homes, we have also procured an ear loop machine. We heard that many companies were having difficulty attaching the ear loops to machine-made masks and have been working to help solve this problem in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in India.


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Monday October 19th

Desai Foundation

We are more passionate than ever about raising awareness about menstruation and making sanitary napkins available to ALL women and girls - because periods don’t stop for pandemics! Through our Asani Napkin Program, we train women in rural India to manufacture high-quality, low-cost sanitary napkins and to distribute them in their communities, simultaneously spreading awareness and education about proper menstrual hygiene practices.
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